Happy Birthday Paragraph For – Long and Short Quote

One of the best thing in life is wishing your lovely once Happy birthday paragraph, happy birthday paragraph, and so on sending them this message will make them feel special in there day, it will Boost your relationship range and sign if caring you have for the person.
You can copy our Happy Birthday Quote and send to the person, it maybe boyfriend or girl

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Happy Birthday Paragraph For - Long and Short Quote

Happy Birthday Love Message To Her

• Have a wonderful day, get many nice presents and have a lot of fun!!, Baby

• Happy happy birthday!, hope you have a great day!. I wish you more blessings in the year ahead.. and may you continue to grow each new day.

• Have an amazing birthday. It only comes one day a year so do something to make it memorable! 🙂 Bday !!

• May ur birthday bring each special thing that u have waited 4 & everyday ahead holds lots of happiness in store..

• May ur birthday bring each special thing that u have waited 4 & everyday ahead holds lots of happiness in store..

• I hope you know that we all think you are amazing, and we support anything you do 100%. I hope you have the most amazing day! happy birthday paragraph</b

• I love celebrating with you. Thanks for having a birthday and giving us a reason.

• I hope you ‘more fun than a frog in a glass of milk‚’ though I have no idea what that means.

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Happy Birthday Love Message To Him

• The flowers smell sweeter today, and the birds sing merrier. they are all trying to wish u a great day, because it is a special day, may you have a wonderful year, I wish u a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy and have a blast

• You deserve all the success, happiess and love in the world. And the cash too!After all, you have a buddy with whom u can share it with, right? Happy Birthday buddy.
Happy birthday paragraph
• I was told today is for my buddy. Thousands of wishes to you, you deserve better, happy birthday Honey.

• To have you on my arm is a great pleasure, been my fence is great achievement, you are the world best, Happy Birthday Love.

• Your birthday Is finally here,so let’s get d party started!cakes, candles and gifts can be mine,after all this birthday is already urs! Sharing is caring my friend.Just kidding.its ur day! Have a rocking birthday

• You my friend, are one of the nicest person I ve met all my life. i feel so proud to call you my best friend, everyday I spend with you, there is so much to learn.have an awesome birthday buddy

• Sufficient to express how glad I am to be blessed with a friend like you.I hope you have an exciting, flamboyant, splendid, joyous bright and magnificent birthday. Happy birthday paragraph

• This time is to tell you I and wish you a very happy birthday, to be sincerely you are the best, happy best day to you.

• Whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ear’s, holding hands on the street, giving each other tight bear hugs and kisses that melt away sorrow.baby, my life would be incomplete without you! I love you so much. thank you for stepping into my life. Happy birthday World Best.

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Brother

• This is the Best month of the year. do you know why? Because it is someone’s magical day today. Do you know whose? It’s a person who I love from the bottom of my heart. My dear, it’s you! Wish you a very happy birthday.

• You suddenly look more mature, wise, smart, clever and beautiful. is it a miracle of the heavens or it is ur birthday today? Have a fabulous day and a great year ahead Happy birthday.

• It’s Time to pop the champagne, make some noise,dish out some food,throw some confetti and burst some balloons.No,we haven’t gone mad? It’s ur birthday today! Wish you a very super fun year ahead.

• Choices change, people change, climates change, place change and fortunes change but thank God for the fact that there is one person in my life who has remained constant.you are the best person in the world. Happy birthday.

• I would be a lost soul if I didn’t speak to you everyday.If i didn’t gaze into ur dreamy eyes everyday If i couldn’t wrap my arms around you If I couldn’t place my head on ur shoulders
Let celebrate this special day and hope this wonderful time in our lives goes on forever Happy birthday love.

• If friendship is one of the most important relationship in life then you are the most important person for me. I raise a toast you dear friend and wish you success in whatever you do. Happy birthday.
Happy birthday paragraph

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Crush

• People say that to fall in love is easy but to be in it is difficult. for me, to fall in love and to be in it both is easy only because you are the love of my life. you iron out the most difficult of problem and hurdles from my life. Happy Birthday sweetheart.

• Happy Birthday to the most amazing sister in the world, the number of time you care about me is uncountable, you care and loving,

• You are amazing, that’s why you have amazing days, I pray you will never know joy in life, happy birthday Sister,

• The Bible said, Let me count my day O’Lord so I can be wise, sister to day is your day stay wise and achieve all your heart desire. Happy Birthday Sister.

• If I was given opportunity to wish you time without number, I will keep saying happy birthday sister, You are the best sister I know and cater for me when growing up. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Part

The world Best Part many sound somehow, I know you will have been seen it on social media My best Part it means the closest person to you or other else. You will like to send happy birthday paragraph For Best Part to make them feel special in there amazing day.

• You are caring partner, Loving and cheerful, I can’t count numbers of time you help and put me true the right part. Happy Birthday Best Part.

• Keep Pushing is the motto, accidentally I want told today is your day, Happy birthday My best part, forever is our Love.

• I can’t tell you how much I love and care about you but what I could say is you are the best partner, and joy giver, happy birthday

• Before we meet my life is not perfect, since we meet my lifestyle change to better one, it seen you are best part of main. HAPPY birthday.

Happy Birthday Paragraph for Best Friend

• Amongst the innumerable friends that I have you have been the most special and caring, the most fun and annoying at the same time! Well, that’s what friends are all about, right? Happy birthday

• For me you are a friend like….
Sunshine in Winter
Oasis in a desert
Fresh water in a muddy pool
Food in a drought
Dry patch of land in a flood
Bees in spring
A cool breeze in summer
Mist on the mountain and Age in a wine
You’re all these things and more Happy birthday to you dear friend

• You are a mirror to my life. i see myself in your success and failure, hope and rejection, courage’s and determination. May we always remain mirror to each other for the rest of our lives.
Dear friend, wishing you a very Happy birthday .

• May you live life to the best on your special day today, get drunk,be merry and dance the night away.
Because in the morning, you’ll have a whale of a time digesting the fact that you have one less year on Earth! Haha Happy birthday.

• You make my life so perfect, so beautiful so enjoyable and so complete that no one else can take ur place in my life.
There’s nothing more beautiful in this world than waking up each day to see your face the first thing in the morning. very few people are lucky enough to get this privilege. i truly wish you a happy birthday.

• Do you know why roses are so precious? Because the thorns around the rose don’t allow people to mess with it. I’m the set of thorns amongst the both of us so that no one messes with our beautiful relationship. I wish you a very happy birthday

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