Maize Flour Production In Nigeria Do This Before Starting

Maize is one of the most consume food in Nigeria, because it is available in large quantity, cheap and easy to prepare, maize can be processed to another Nigerian foods like pap, maize flour or starch.

Maize is one of the main ingredients that several snacks companies in Nigeria uses to produce that snacks.

Maize flour is one of the major food that maize is been used to produce in Nigeria, it is good business idea, if you want to go into Maize flour production business in Nigeria.

If want to start maize flour production business in Nigeria, then you should read this blog post to the end because it is consist all you need to know before starting maize flour production in Nigeria, and also How to run the business successfully.

Maize Flour Production In Nigeria

Maize Flour Production In Nigeria

Business Plan

You need to get your business plan ready before you start anything, if you can’t write profitable business plan, you can hire expert in the maize flour industry to write it for you.

Business Registration

Before you start running your business, make sure you register your business name, and other details about your new business with the government, you can even register your company with CAC online.


Location is very important when it comes to maize flour production business in Nigeria, make sure your maize flour company is located in a good location, where there’s the good road for transportation, electricity to power all the machines that will be used for production and more.

Production Materials

You need to purchase all the machines, and other production materials that is needed to produce quality maize flour within short time without stress. Use the internet to source for quality and effective machine that will make maize flour production easy for you.

Maize milling machine is one the major machine that is used in all maize flour production industry, it is used to process the corn for safe consumption.

Raw Materials

Maize is one of the major raw materials in maize flour production business in Nigeria, you need to source your maize or corn from the farmers both near and far. You can also plant your own maize, so that you will make more profit in the maize flour production business in Nigeria, maize farming or production takes between three to five months, but it is advisable to buy maize or corn from farmers before you start your own maize farm.


This is not just the most important aspect in maize flour production business, but also all businesses, your success in this business depends on who you hire or invite into the business, take your time to interview everyone before you hire them.

Products Packaging

After production, you need to make your maize flour look attractive and different from other maize flour by packaging with the fancy materials.


You need to run advert for your maize flour, so that everyone will know what you are selling. Radio, television, billboard are the best place to promote your business, you can also make use of the social media, and other online platform to sell your goods.

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