Business Ideas In Nigeria With Low Capital :Top 10

There in Nigeria everybody is finding way to have liberty on poverty, in one way or the others. Business Ideas In Nigeria With Low Capital, Best Business in Nigeria. Does are your want to have the great liberty with low capital, well being the topic up here to help you have comfortable life here in Nigeria.

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Can will start a?

Business Ideas In Nigeria With Low Capital

1. Web design & Development

Has web designer and Developer, you can build a lot of branding on social media and make millions in a month, accounting to (ICAN) Nigeria blogging and internet user are growing faster,

You can make money with deploying good website, Deploy of Company plans and servers, website design it self will make you a millionaire not to talk of development of apps and software, has youth you can start the job today.

2. Graphics Design

Graphics Design is one of the great opportunity you can make money in Nigeria, you don’t need to open shop and you can all you need is branding on social media to make sells,

You can start delivering the job in there door step, people will surely patronize you if your service wealth it.

3. Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Many people just use social media they don’t know thy can cash out with big bags,

Social media are Facebook, Twister, Instagram, YouTube, Signer. E.t.c,

Did you know you can make money from does Media?

You can by creating good Video and send it out to audience to get real followers from there big company can highjack you for cool paid advert and you make the cool money or you motinize does Chanel to cash out in dollars, most expecially YouTube.

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Hot Business Ideas In Nigeria

4: Driving for Uber

Uber driving is one of the paying business is Nigeria,
Some do it has per time and some do it has full time even you can do it after job in the night and you still make you money.

Uber driver is better than some white collar job in Nigeria, some of does drive make 45, 000 to 80, 000,

It depends on there time thy work you can start too. And make cool money.

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5. Blogging or Vlog

I can sincerely tell you this this easiest way to make money Blogging and Vlog almost look a like but is not, In blogging you will own your personal blog why Vlog depends on Social media to publish there Video, you can take good steps to today and make Cool money,

Nigeria has many successful blog, out there E.g Linder Ikeji, Makinde Azeez of naijaloaded, Tomiwa of Tooxclusive. Does guys are making millions of dollars with there blogs

With Vlogging many people still make money most does comedy, did you know they make $5 per 1000 watch, I will not mention name here. Take good step today.

6. Cake and Cupcakes Bakery

This one of the great job opportunity, for you to make Money with low capital, you can see many events out side there thy celebrate with cakes did you know does bakery make money from this.

You can start cake bakery from your house and deliver to celebrate door steps.

7. Drop Shipping

It funny when I see people saying you need 10,000 USD dollar to start the business, no is not really that.

You can start with just $300 Dollar, you can start selling of Data, Laptop, Smart phone, iOS e.t.c. on your social media that will could serve has your shop or office, and you get it to there door steps.

8. Digit Market Agency

Digital marketing to the world is not how people look it, you can start it out today to deliver goods and services to your audience.

The service is RIO is a service call you can start today and make the cool money,

9. Small Chop Food Business

Chop food business has many secle on it own we have big and small.

You can start the small business from your home and sell it in street, without own or pay any shop fees.

You can be selling food for Company or School. And make the cool money.

Selling of Pure Water

Pure Water Business, did you know you can start with just 5,000 naira and make profile,

Everybody I mean every man kind need water it seen now you will make a sells.


I hope you have learn a lot from our tips today, keep visiting the blog and invite your friends to visit, drop your comments below.

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