How To Not Breakup With My Lover

Breakup is somewhat becoming a trend; a new normality. Everyone has experienced, will experience, and will still experience breakup over, and over again. Of course, it is understandable. It is relative. 

Frankly, breakup itself is rather becoming more relative than the brain behind it; the causes. Rightly, it is becoming trendy and normal than the solution.

Apparently, 9 out of 10 people you’d meet today between the ages of 20 and 25 have had a breakup. Herein, exaggeration is not a thingy. If anything must hold ground against the figure I estimated, then it should be the fact that I underestimated my figures. I did that on purpose anyways.

Breaking up or putting an end to a relationship is not weird. Too, it does not have a thingy to do with abnormality. It is normal to have a breakup, but is it normal that breakup is becoming a normality? I believe you have got the answer. If not now, by the end of this article. So, keep reading.

Now, eight out of ten persons who’d broken up or have had a broken relationship will rather discuss the nature of their breakup than discuss the brain behind it. Discussing a problem is cute. Superb. But how about discussing ways to cushion it?

I know you feel you discuss problems to get solutions. Right. Yes, that is on matter-of-fact, but has discussing a problem a solution to an already known solution? How about utilizing the solution at our reach? Yes, please. We have solutions to makeup or prevent breakup. Why don’t we have a discuss on this than wailing and doing all whatnot?

How about we start asking questions. Like, why is breakup becoming a new normality? How can I avoid breakup? What can I say to stop breakup?

Or breakup is simply overtly overrated? Well, I can only answer few questions – as much as I can. Obviously, there are million and one other unanswered questions that need to be answered regarding this topic.

Avoiding a Breakup 

How To Not Breakup With My Lover

Just like averting an death. There are many ways to avoid a breakup. Although, avoiding a breakup is not always easy as it may seem. Regrettably, it becomes even harder especially when your partner is not helping matters.

I, for a person do not have an autonomy to your life. I can’t dictate for you. You know your partner even more than I, or any other person do. So, I would suggest you analyze them in and out. Check his flaws and goodness.

At it, weigh them in your scale. Do not take any advice that might end up being an end of you. Analyze. Analyze, and again be meticulous while at it. Breakup if you can’t deal.

You are done analyzing your partner. Now, do you think s/he can change or can be changed? What do you think about their flaws and goodness? Which is higher? These and more self evaluation questions will help you decide whether or not it is rational enough to stay back or otherwise.

What To Say To Stop Break up? 

Inasmuch as you want your relationship to work. Do not lose your life trying to work out a partner and/or relationship that has refused to work out over time. Here, giving back the energy you receive is a thingy. Yes, please.

If you have analytically scrutinized the flaws and goodness of your partner. It is left for you also to decide whether or not you are staying back or not. You can choose not to breakup. Too, you can choose to breakup. Nothing is wrong with either of those, but make sure it is worth it – either of the decisions.

Your relationship don’t always need to end in breakup. It can end with something positive. Whichever it ends, make sure it doesn’t end you. Run. Break up. Leave the relationship if it doesn’t work out. Your sanity and wellness should be treated with respect and care. Make it count more than anything.

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